The family stickers (girl princess)

Finally a stickers of family for car that suits you.
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Make your own custom family sticker for your car!

It's easy, just choose a character for every person in the family. You have 3 head choice for every character. And for finish it you can choose the type of you choice

All our stickers are made by cutting vinyl. You can chose from 3 colors, white, black or pink for each character.

Mom and dad character: 3.99$ us / each
Girl and girl character: 2.99$ us / each
All type : 6.99$ us / each

Mom and dad character : 3" tall
Girl and girl character : 2.25" tall
All type : 7" x 3"

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The family stickers (Girl princess car decals)

Create your own family sticker for your car. This girl princess is a premium quality decals
Size : 2.25" tall
girl skier to create your own family stickers
2.99 us / each

Color: spacer

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